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Dec 23, 2014

2014 Club Championships

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Posted by: JohnB

Interløpers Club Championships took place at the ELO SoSOL at Saltoun (30 November). The forest near Pencaitland, which had been remapped for the event, provided an ideal venue.

There was a great turn-out from Interløpers, and the Championships were hotly contested. Matthew Ross and Pippa Carcas put in a strong showing, as did the ‘old guard’ with Ken and Paul separated by pico-seconds.

In the end, after applying a complex algorithm (which took individuals' race times, multiplied them by the longitude of the waning gibbous moon faintly visibly in the sky on the day, divided by the waist measurement of the competitor (in inches)), our Captain won!

Congratulations, Rob Lee. Another sweet victory.

The trophy was duly presented at Paul’s 50th Birthday party (great event!). Even better, Rob gets to organise the 2015 event. Well done to Rob and all the other competitors.

Remember, it is the taking part that counts!