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Mar 16, 2015

2015 CompassSport Trophy

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Posted by: JohnB

The Scottish heat of the UK national club competition was held at Balnagowan on Deeside (15 March).  Once upon a time, some 20 years ago, Interløpers won the "small clubs" trophy, and with the final in the Lake District we have the possibility of another decent showing in October.  First, though, the qualifier.  The very restrictive scoring system means you have to have people across a range of ages, and if like INT you don't field any over-60s you have to count every course.   The club stars did the business with wins for Murray Strain and Freddie Carcas, and second spots for Cap'n Rob Lee, Alex Carcas and Jane Ackland.  But the key to the cup is runners across age groups, and so the heroes of the day were Fiona Eades and Matthew Ross, stepping up to the orange course to complete the team.

On home territory, and with four times as many people, MAROC proved invincible, but we qualified as runners-up, and if we can take a strong team to the final we can challenge them.  There are some teams from Englandshire too, but that's never been a problem in the past!

Save the date :   Sunday 18 October 2015 - Helsington Barrows, Kendal.