The INTrepid Weekend 2017

The much anticipated Intrepid Weekend is planned for 28/29 October this year. It incorporates SOUL 10 in Livingston, based at Deans High School, and SOL 7 at Drummond Hill, by Kenmore in Perthshire. 

Livingston has been previously used for the JK, and provides an excellent venue for fast and furious urban orienteering. Preliminary details for SOUL...

Drummond Hill provides some classic Scottish forest terrain, a large hill and fantastic scenery. Parking will be on forest tracks - fine for mini-buses - but no parking for big buses I'm afraid!

IMPORTANT: We have just been advised by the Forestry commission that there is a tree disease in the area which attacks Larch trees. To mitigate the risk of spreading the disease, we will be required to: 

1) Ensure the cars tyres are treated (by competitors driving over disinfectant pads)

2) Ensure competitors shoes are treated (by walking competitors over disinfectant pads)

3) Competitors to brush as much forest debris off their shoes and clothing as they can prior to departure.

Care will need to be taken as the disinfectant can cause irritation to eyes and skin.

Entries on Fabian4 (http://www.fabian4.co.uk). Closing date is 22 October.

More details on the Events page. Final Details will be here shortly. Draft details here.


Drummond Hill (near the top!)


Autumn Local Events

The Local Event programme continued on 7 October, at Braidburn Valley Park. Results may be viewed at this location.

The final event in the programme will take place on Saturday, 4 November, at Mortonhall.  The first draft of the Event Flyer is available here.

The Club's SPOOK-O will be held the same evening (at 6pm) at 5 Strathearn Road. See here for the invitation.